Festo (VUVG-LK14-M52-AT-G18-1R8L-S) Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 5/2 Way (1/8 inch) VUVG Series

Rs 8,700.00

Model: VUVG-LK14-M52-AT-G18-1R8L-S

Mounting style: Inline

Function: 5/2 way

Connection port thread: G 1/8

Actuation type: Solenoid/sping

Body material: Aluminium alloy

Solenoid fitted: Yes

Maximum flow rate: 660L/min

Solenoid power consumption: 0.7 W

Coil voltage: 24 VDC

Minimum operating pressure: 2.5 Bar

Maximum operating pressure: 7 Bar

Thread standard: BSPP

Number of position: 2

Thread size: 1/8inch

Number of ports: 5

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  • The great innovative design allows the control valve to be set to internal or external pilot air supply for manifolds with sub base valves.
  • The connection technology is easy to change via the electrical connection box.
  • Pressure range -0.9 bar to 10 bar for make maximum energy density and more power.
  • The versatile design allows for a wide range of valve functions alongside a choice of quick push connectors.
  • There are options for semi in-line valves, in-line valves and sub-base valves within the VUVG series.
  • The option to combine M5 and M7 in-line valves to one manifold rail.
  • Valve manifold with pressure zones.
  • Sturdy and durable metal material.
  • Servicing is easy and efficient due to the valves being replaced quickly.
  • Fast and easy installation as well as maintenance.
  • Fast troubleshooting thanks to the integrated 360° LED display and quick status review.
  • The pneumatic valves offer high flow rates and short cycle times.
  • The valve systems allow for a long service life, reducing downtime.
  • Compact, smart design which saves space and time.
  • Non-overlapping between air ducts.
  • Positive locking seals, retaining mounting screws.
  • Protection: IP 40/IP 65.


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