Pneumatic Cylinder (MAL 25 x 50) 25mm Bore 50mm Stroke

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Product: Double acting single rod pneumatic cylinder

Model: MAL 25×50

Cylinder size: pitch 50mm, hole 25mm.

Bar type: single bar

Type of action: double-acting

Fluid: air

Screw hole diameter: 8.5mm / 0.33 “

Rod thread diameter: 10mm / 0.39″;

Max. Press: 1.0 mpa

Main material: alloy

Condition: 100% new

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  • These are double-acting cylinders (DAC) use the force of air to move in both extend and retract strokes.
  • They have two ports to allow air in, one for out-stroke and one for in-stroke.
  • Stroke length for this design is not limited, however, the piston rod is more vulnerable to buckling and bending.
  • Additional calculations should be performed as well.
  • This is a single Rod, Double Acting, 50mm Stroke, 25mm Dia.
  • The air cylinder is a mechanical device that uses the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a linear saber motion.
  • Likehydraulic cylinders, something forces apistonto move in the desired direction.
  • The piston is a disc or cylinder, and the piston rod transfers the force it develops to the object to be moved.
  • Engineers sometimes prefer to use pneumatic because they are quieter, cleaner, and do not require large amounts of space for fluid storage.
  • One major issue engineers come across working with pneumatic cylinders has to do with the compressibility of a gas.
  • Many studies have been completed on how the precision of a pneumatic cylinder can be affected as the load acting on the cylinder tries to further compress the gas used.
  • Under a vertical load, a case where the cylinder takes on the full load, the precision of the cylinder is affected the most.


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