Pneumatic Regulator Filter (AR2000-02) Port Size 1/4 inch

Rs 1,600.00

Product: Pneumatic regulator filter

Model: AR2000-02

Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC

Gauge and fitting included: yes

Connection Thread/port size: 1/4 inch

Gauge port size: 1/8 inch

Environmental Temperature: 5~60℃

Operating pressure range: 0.05-0.85 MPa.

Gauge Diameter: approx. 4.1cm / 1.61in

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  • Pneumatic regulator AR2000-02 comes with an easy-to-read double scale pressure gauge, the lid with a pressure closure is convenient for adjusting the pressure.
  • It helps regulate the air pressure that comes from the air pressure machine and provides a clean air pressure gauge.
  • Plastic and metal construction, and with caliber support and installation, easy to use.
  • With the balance type input and overflow device, it has the advantages of high precision, sensitive reaction, firm blocking, etc.
  • It is an important control element to regulate the pressure in the pneumatic system, ideal to replace the broken or old.


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