Pneumatic Tee 6mm*6mm*6mm Push In Fitting (10 Pcs)

Rs 1,300.00

Mentioned price is of 1 packet = 10 pcs

Product: Pneumatic Tee for 6mm pneumatic pipe

Type: air hose fitting

Connection: push fit/Push to connect

Shape of fitting: Tee shape

Size: 6mm (all 3 sides)

Fluid Admitted: Air, Vacuum

Working Pressure: 0-1.0MPa/0-150psi

Proof Pressure: 120psi.

Seal O-ring: NBR

Lock Claw: Stainless Steel (SUS)

Body: Plastic

Operating Temperature: -20~80℃

Negative Pressure: -100Kpa

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  • Except the air and water, dont attempt to use the fittings on other fluids.
  • The tube fitting is prohibited where spark and fire might be occurred.
  • The tube fitting is prohibited if water temperature is above 60 degrees celsius.
  • Never apply tube joint with additional external load (bending, twist or
    pulling), otherwise damage or leakage will be occurred.
  • Check the end of tubing for a right angle cutting and check the external surface of
    tubing for any damage or scratch.
  • Please refer to following instruction when you insert the air tubing into the joint, you will have two-step feeling.
  1. Section one is locking claw.
  2. Section two is sealing ring.
  • Must insert tube into section two.
  • Sleeve is used in tubing connection and disconnection.
  • After connection of tube joint and tubing, always try to pull tubing and ensure
    its firm connection.
  • Always use proper tool to tighten external hexagonal and internal hexagonal parts of
    the tube fitting.
  • Always apply recommended torque on screws otherwise extra torque
    might damage thread and cause air leakage while insufficient torque might cause
    loose screws and air leakage.
  • After Screws are tightened,you may adjust the direction of tubing with most of our
    tube joint.
  • If it is hard in adjustment,you may apply recommended torque to turn
    screw to adjust direction of tubing.


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