Schneider (EM1200) 15A VAF, PF Power and Energy Meter

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  • Product: Digital AC Energy Meter
  • Phase: 3 phase
  • Rating: 15 A
  • Model: EM1200
  • Accuracy Class 1.0, 0.5
  • Elegant single row, backlit LCD display
  • Monitors electrical parameters : Volts, Amps, F & PF Simultaneously, W/VA/Var
  • Integrated Parameters : Wh /Vah/Varh
  • Runhrs, Onhrs & Interrupts Monitoring
  • Three parameters, name and value at single glance with direct reading of primary values
  • User programmable
  • Delta/STAR/2Ph/1ph
  • PT/ CT primary & Secondary
  • Smart line indicators to check the healthy phase of input voltage
  • UL, C UL Listed, CE, C-Tick certified
  • Direct Connection of metering voltage input upto 480V ac L-L
  • Pulse output / RS485 communication port with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Reduce energy costs by tracking energy consumption and backup of last cleared energy values
  • Auto Scrolling enables you to monitor group of parameter sequentially
  • Auto Scaling Capability in variance of Kilo, Mega, Giga
  • Intuitive function keys for easy navigation with vertical expansion of display pages
  • User Selectable default display page through keypad lock
  • Safeguard access to setup parameters with unique password protection
  • Ensure accurate wiring using the terminal board labeling
  • Seamless integration into any modbus compatible SCADA- Energy Management System (EMS)


  • Description
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  • The EM1000/EM1200/EM1220 is a compact and rugged package digital meter that offers basic power and energy measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation.
  • This chapter contains the description, main features and the operating instructions of the energy meter.
  • The remaining chapters explain the installation and setup steps required before the meter is ready for use, and the recommended maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for meter after installation.
  • Before use, program the SYS (measurement system configuration), and the PT (VT) and CT ratios through the front display keys.
  • Otherwise, the meter will read your system incorrectly.
  • Other settings, such as communication parameters, must also be programmed as needed.

Technical specification

  • The EM1000/EM1200/EM1220 power and energy meter is a high-accuracy, low cost, ultra-compact meter. It offers ISO 9001 quality, accuracy and functional flexibility.
  • The standard unit flush-mounts in a DIN 96 cut-out.
  • The meters are designed for retrofit applications, such as replacement of analog meters.
  • Each can be used as a standalone meter in electrical control panels, power distribution unit (PDU), switch boards, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), generator sets, and motor control center (MCC) systems.
  • It also provides easy communication to program logic control (PLC), distributed control system (DCS), building management system (BMS), and other systems.
  • The following table gives the technical specifications of the meters.
  • Refer to Technical data on page 61 for more information.
  • 14 terminals are provided, seven terminals on each side
  • Six terminals for current, one in and one out per phase
  • Four terminals for voltage, for three phases and neutral
  • Two terminals for auxiliary power supply (control power)
  • Two terminals for the POP (EM1000) or RS 485 communications port(EM1200)

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