CHINT Miniature Circuit Breaker 4.5kA (MCB) 2pole (eB-63C)

Rs 2,700.00

  • Available ampere (must write in additional information/order notes)
  • 6 Amp
  • 10 Amp
  • 16 Amp
  • 20 Amp
  • 25 Amp
  • 32 Amp
  • 40 Amp
  • 63 Amp
  • Product: mcb (miniature circuit breaker) 2pole
  • Brand: chint
  • Ampere: optional
  • No of pole: 2p
  • Voltage type: AC 220v/440v
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Isolation
  • Contact position indicator
  • Advanced current-limit Technology
  • Mounting: DIN rail
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  • It automatically switches off electricalcircuitduring an abnormal condition of the network means in overload condition as well as faulty condition.
  • This is electrically safer than a fuse, because it is much more sensitive then that of a fuse.
  • The other advantage is that, as the switch operating knob comes at its off position during tripping, the faulty zone of the electrical circuit can easily be identified. But in case of fuse, fuse wire should be checked by opening fuse grip or cutout from fuse base, for confirming the blow of fuse wire.
  • Quick restoration of supply is possible because in the case of this(mcb), quick restoration is possible by just switching on operation.
  • It is robust and maintenance free. Generally it is not repairable or maintained, it just replaced by new one when required.



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