Fuji (SC-N2) Magnetic Contactor 3Pole+2NO/2NC (60 Amp)

Rs 15,200.00

Model: SC-N2

Product: Magnetic Contactor

Voltage: 220 VAC (other voltages also available)

Number of Pole: 3

Thermal Current: 60 Amp

Current at 440 vac: 40 Amp

Power: 18.5 KW / 25 HP

Product series: SC Series

Scope of application: Outdoor / indoor

Coil frequency: 50/60 (Hz)

Number of normally open main contacts: 3 

Number of normally open auxiliary contact: 2

Number of normally close auxiliary contact: 2

Note: If you want any of the other voltage accept 220vac then contact us.

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  • The SC series is a range of long service-life and high-performance contactors.
  • The SC series contactors have such options as additional auxiliary contact blocks and operation counter unit with snap-on fittings, and coil surge suppressors.
  • They employ an electronically-controlled super magnet provided with a built-in IC, which enhances their performance and reliability.


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