KA Temperature Controller (R8-100-FK02-M*AN) 48mm*48mm

Rs 6,800.00

Product: temperature controller

Model: R8-100-FK02-M*AN

Brand: KA

Supply voltage: AC 220V

Display size: 48mm*48mm

Display: digital

Output, alarm and self-tuning can be indicated by: LED

High quality with great accuracy and long life

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  • This instrument is used to control temperatures, mainly without extensive operator involvement.
  • A controller in a temperature control system will accept a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple as input and compare the actual temperature to the desired control temperature, or set-point.
  • It will then provide an output to a control element.
  • It does this by first measuring the temperature (process variable), it then compares it to the desired value (set value).
  • The difference between these values is known as the error (Deviation).
  • Temperature controllers use this error to decide how much heating or cooling is required to bring the process temperature back to the desired value.
  • Once this calculation is complete the controller will produce an output signal that effects the change required.
  • This output signal is known as the (manipulated value)and is normally connected to a heater, control valve, fan or some othe “final control element” which actually injects or removes heat from the process.
  • These are mostly used in industrial applications as well as in restaurants, laboratories, hospitals and on different places for temperature controlling purposes etc.


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