LS (Susol) TS-100N MCCB Molded Case Circuit Breaker 3 Pole (100 Amp)

Rs 11,700.00

Product: MCCB (moulded case circuit breaker) 3 pole

Manufacturer: LS (Susol)

Model: TS-100N

Number of pole: 3

Rated Current: 100 A (80 100 Amp)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Mounting: with screw

Mounting mode: vertical or horizontal

Type: Adjustable

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  • Great performance
  • Secures the highest breaking capacity
  • Optimum coordination technique (cascading and discrimination)
  • Controlling, switching and protecting motor and circuits
  • Great performance and reliance
  • Optimum coordination between circuit breaker and contactor
  • Superior quality and long lifespan
  • Provides an ideal solution where space is limited through perfect combination with MMS
  • For extensive applications
  • Wide range of optimized auxiliaries and accessories
  • Optimal overload protection
  • Guaranteed short circuit current ratings


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