Power Control Push Button Switch Forward/Reverse/OFF (BT-3)

Rs 800.00


Product: Push button control switch

Model: BT-3

Body material: plastic

Maximum voltage: 600V

Function: Forward/Reverse/OFF

Manufactured: china

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  • BT-3 Forward/Reverse/OFF push-button control TAB is used to move forward, reverse and off different electrical devices.
  • BT-3 push-button control TAB has 3 buttons for Reverse, Forward and off and is equipped with a plastic box.
  • The system on the push button uses the spring return system where the button will return to its original position after being pressed.
  • Contacts are made of quality materials so they can connect and disconnect electricity optimally.
  • Bright colors on the buttons can simplify operation.
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to use with surface mounting models where push bottom can be directly mounted on a flat surface by sticking or bolting.


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