3 Hole Electric Control Box (Hole 22mm) 2pcs

Rs 1,500.00

Product: 3 hole box for 22mm light, push button etc

Shape: rectangular

Material: plastic

No of hole: three

Application: electronics, industrial

Protection: durable, water proof, dust proof

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  • This is an electric control box.
  • It is made up of fine and good quality p.v.c (plastic).
  • It have three holes, so you can fix three products in it.
  • It,s size is 22mm, so we can use it for every kind of button or light which are of 22mm hole size such as push buttons, emergency push buttons, 22mm selector switches etc.
  • These are mostly used in industrial sectors for separately placing 22mm hole size things.
  • It is water proof, dust proof, light weight, and durable.


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