Pneumatic Pipe Roll 10mm Black (100 meter)

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Product: Pneumatic pipe roll

Pipe size: 10mm

Colour: black

Length: 100 meters (328 feet)

Outer Diameter OD: 10mm

Inner Diameter ID: 6.5mm

Heat resistant: -40 C to + 80 C

Material: polyurethane (PU)

Working factor: air, water, oil, etc.

Burst Pressure:18~32 bar
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  • This type of polyurethane pipe has exceptional characteristics.
  • This tube is very flexible and provides excellent flexing capacity making it an ideal pneumatic or robot control system.
  • Also for many chemicals, gas, oil and has good wear resistance.
  • This tubing is often used in low-pressure pneumatic and pneumatic controls.
  • It has wide resistance to chemicals and solvents, good flexibility and relatively low cost.
  • HDPE tubing comes in semi-rigid versions that resist cuts and physical damage and has a higher burst pressure than polyethylene tubing.
  • Polyurethane is like the mixture of rubber and plastic and it is naturally flexible and does not use additives to retain its flexural properties.
  • Generally, polyurethane is tackier than PVC.
  • It may stick to itself, which especially in the case of tubingcan result in tangles.
  • Additives can be mixed with the polyurethane resin during manufacture to reduce tackiness.
  • Material combinations such as PVC/polyurethane blends can also change the surface characteristics, but PVC by itself has a naturally slipperier surface than 100% polyurethane.
  • Typical polyurethane tubing applications include pneumatic control systems, cable jacketing, air lines, powder and granular material transfer, fluid lines, sleeving, low pressure hydraulics and robotics.



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