Mora 2p+2p (63Amp) MTS Manual transfer switch (Interlock Circuit Breaker)

Rs 3,700.00

Product : 2p+2p MTS(manual transfer switch)

Benefit : with interlocking safety/MCB tripping

Operation mode : toggle

Brand : MORA

Ampere capacity : 63Ampere

Number of poles : 2pole

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  • This 2pole+2pole Manual Transfer Switch is an essential component for any electrical system, to provide reliable and safe way to switch between the utility power and backup power sources, such as in generators.
  • In countries, where power outages are common, having a manual transfer switch is very crucial to ensure uninterrupted power supply to your home or business or where you want.


  • SO first of all before installing manual transfer switch, evaluate your electrical system and identify the circuits you want to connect to backup power source. And plan layout and location of the switch accordingly.
  • Before starting installation, turn off the main power supply to ensure your safety.
  • Than install the switch in a suitable location, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Must ensure that it is easily accessible and protected from weather conditions like rain.
  • After that connect the utility power and backup power sources to the transfer switch using appropriate wiring and the connectors.
  • Must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local electrical codes.
  • Now connect circuits you want to power with the backup source to transfer switch.
  • Before starting once installation is complete, test the switch by simulating power outage and ensuring that the transfer switch functions as intended.



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