Chint (BZMJ-0.4-5-3) Power Factor Capacitor/Shunt Capacitor (5 KVAR)

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Product: Power factor capacitor/shunt capacitor

Model: BZMJ-0.4-5-3

Brand: chint

Rating: 5 KVAR

Voltage: AC 400 V


Ambient temperature: -25 degree to +50 degree

Frequency: 50 Hz

Enclosure height: 95 mm

Coated metal enclosure

Convenient for mounting

Standard: IEC/EN 60831-1: 2002

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  • This is a device that creates a low-resistancepath forelectric current, to allow it to pass around another point in thecircuit.
  • These Capacitorshave several uses in the electric power systems.
  • They are utilized as sources of reactive power by connecting them in line-to-neutral.
  • Electric utilities have also connectedcapacitors in serieswith long lines in order to reduce its impedance.
  • This is particularly common in the transmission level, where the lines have length in several hundreds of kilometer.
  • Shunt capacitors are usually called power factor correction capacitors, although they also serve other functions and provide multiple benefits, which will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.
  • Also, they are used at all voltage levels from end-user utilization to extra high voltages.
  • A shunt capacitor at the end of a feeder results in a gradual change in voltage along the feeder.
  • Ideally, the percent voltage rise at the capacitor would be zero at no load and rise to maximum at full load.
  • However, with shunt capacitors, percent voltage rise is essentially independent of load.
  • Thus, automatic switching is often employed in order to deliver the desired regulation at high loads, but prevent excessive voltage at low loads.
  • Moreover, capacitor switching may result in transient over-voltages inside customer facilities.
  • See the dimension/size in data sheet given.



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