Foot Control ON/OFF Treadle/Pedal Switch (HRF-FS-3)

Rs 1,800.00

Model: HRF-FS-3

Material: Aluminum

Contact Type: SPDT NO NC

Rated amps: 10A

Rated voltage: 220V AC

Protection Level: IP62

Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 Times

Electrical Life: 300,000 Times

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  • It free up your hands, perform steps while making other operations to control your feet.
  • This foot pedal switch is momentary type which can control the power on or off with the built-in micro switch.
  • Plastic surface sprayed coating, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent performance.
  • Cable lead section is equipped with electrical cable head.
  • Waterproof, prevent oil, prevent shock, outstanding impact.
  • Widely used in industries and on construction sites for heavy machineries.


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