UNI-D Solenoid Valve 2way 3/4 inch (Uw-20) brass

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Model: UW-20
Made: UNI-D
Working medium : air,water,oil,gas
Motion Pattern : Direct Drive Type
Type : Normal Close Type / Normal Open Type
Aperture of Flow Rate : 20mm.
Joint Pipe Bore : 3/4″
Operation Fluid Viscosity : below 20 CST
Working Pressure : Water/Oil :0~5 kgf/cm2 , Air /Gas:0~7 kgf/cm2
Max.Pressure Resistance : 10.5 kgf/cm2
Operating Temperature Range : -5~100℃
Voltage: AC220V
Voltage Range : 10%
Material of Body : Brass
Material of Oil Seal : NBR , EPDM , VITON
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  • UD series is direct-acting, conductive, and 2 way solenoid valve.
  • Able to be operated directly without pressure.
  • Availability of fluid type:water, air, light oil, gas, vacuum.
  • Acceptable for customizeation:Viton (130℃) , Silicone (130℃) and EPDM (130℃).
  • Before pipelining, the pipe line must be very clean without any contaminants or any other things not ought to be existed.
  • To prolong the life time of the product, Y-line filter should be installed in the front end of solenoid valve.
  • It should be installed horizontally;vertical installation is not advisable.


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