UNI-T (UT351) Digital Sound Level Meter

Rs 18,900.00

Model: UT351

Range: 30~80dB, 50~100dB, 60~110dB, 80~130dB

Frequency: 31.5Hz~8000Hz

Frequency Weighting: A and C

Sample rate: FAST: 8 Times/s, SLOW: 1 Times/s

Analogue outputs: AC: 0.707Vrms full scale;Output impedance: around 600Ω , DC: 2Vrms full scale; 10mV/dB; Output impedance: around 100Ω

High alarm: Display “OVER”

Lower alarm: Display “UNDER”

Analogue Bar Graph: 30~130dB

Product size: 273mm X 70mm X 39 mm

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  • It has Max and Min modes.
  • Auto power off ability (cancelable).
  • AC/DC analog signal outputs.
  • It has Over and under range indication system.
  • Data hold, LCD backlight.
  • Simulated analog bar.
  • Manual and auto range selectable.
  • Fast and slow response rate (fast: 125ms, slow: 1s).
  • It is powered by batteries or external power source.


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