Finder (20.22) 16 Amp Latching (Step) Relay 230VAC (2 NO)

Rs 6,300.00

Product: Latch (step) relay

Coil voltage: 230 vac (other voltage on request)

Contact configuration: DPST

Mounting type: DIN rail

Switching current: 16 Amp

Depth: 58.4 mm

Height: 84 mm

Terminal type: screw

Features: Mechanical Flag Indicator, Test Button

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  • Finder step relay is an AC powered double phase modular latching device with two NO contacts and switching current 16A.
  • On each successive energization of the relay coil, this contacts change state thus providing a step or “flip flop” sequence of operation.
  • It has the advantage of an override test button, it allows manual advancement of the step sequence and individual mechanical flags provide a visual indication of contact status.
  • For mounting on 35mm rail
  • Cadmium-free contact material
  • It has the choice of 7 switching sequences
  • Its contact material is silver alloy
  • DPST contact configuration
  • Maximum peak current is 30A
  • Screw type termination
  • Test button with mechanical indicators
  • Width is 17.4mm


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