Omron Floatless level Switch (61F-GP)

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Floatless Level Switch (Compact, Plug-in Type)

Model: 61F-GP

Space-saving Design Ideal for Control Panel

Downsizing. Easy Maintenance.

Size: 49.4 38 84 mm (HWD).

Easy identification of operating status with LED operation indicator.

Independent DPDT contacts on 8-Pin Models.


Usage: Controller ( for control of ordinary purified water or sewage water)

Supply voltage: 200-250 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Number of pins: 8

Operating voltage range: 85% to 110% of rated voltage

Control output

Contact load: 5A 250v AC

Ambient temperature Operating:10 to 55C (10 to 70C for high-temperature controller)

Ambient humidity Operating:45% to 85% RH

Dielectric strength : 2000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min.

Life expectancy Electrical: 100,000 operations min.

Mechanical: 5,000,000 operations min.

Manufactured: china

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  • The Conductive Level Controller consists of a plug-in controller connected to a set of stainless steel probes. These are cut to length and inserted vertically into the liquid. A low voltage is applied between these probes and the earth probe (or tank, if it is electrically conductive). The water provides a current between the earth probe and the high-level probe. The output relay in the Controller is energized when the water level reaches the high-level probe and de-enegized when the water level falls below it.


  • For two-point control a low-level probe is used as well. In this case the relay does not de-energize until the water level falls below the low-level probe. Using the low-level probe allows a wide differential between switching a pump on and off, and can avoid excessive pump operation during tank emptying or filling. If this differential is not required, the low-level probe need not be connected.
  • The length when using completely-insulated, 600-V, 3-conductor (0.75 mm2) cabtire cables. Usable cable lengths will become shorter as the cable diameter or number of conductors becomes larger.
  • The insulation resistance and dielectric strength indicate values between power terminals and Electrode terminals, between power terminals and contact terminals, and between Electrode terminals and contact terminals.
  • Possible to use with 15 kΩ or less, however, this may cause reset failure.
  • 61F-GP is a high-sensitivity Controller use advanced operation.
  • When the power supply voltage is applied, if there are some liquids between the electrodes (ground and operation electrodes), the internal relay will not operate.
  • When the power supply voltage is applied, if there are no liquids between the electrodes (ground and operation
    electrodes), the internal relay will operate.
  • If the advanced operation does not satisfy applications, consider using 61F-GP controller which uses sequential operation.

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