Limit Switch (ME-8166) Spring with Flexible Stick

Rs 880.00

Product: Limit switch

Model: ME-8166

Drive type: Spring with flexible stick, automatic reset

Contact Configuration: 2 NC + 2 NO

Power supply: AC 250V 5A, DC 115V 0.4A

Operating Temperature:-5~+65

Usage: industrial

Attachment thread diameter: 4.5 mm

Mounting hole spacing: 56 mm x 21 mm

Mechanical Life : 10,000,000 operations

Electrical Life: 500,000 operations

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  • This Limit switch features a compact design and a long mechanical life.
  • They have easy wiring with full open terminals and dust, water, oil proof construction.
  • A strong body with a combination of reinforced plastic and aluminium Die Casting components.
  • It is operated by the motion of a machine part or presence of an object.
  • The defining feature of it is that a relatively small movement at the actuator button produces a relatively large movement at the electrical contacts, which occurs at high speed (regardless of the speed of actuation).
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