SMC (ZL112-K25LOU-G-Q) Multi-Stage Vacuum Ejector

Rs 14,700.00

Energy saving multistage vacuum ejector w/o valve

Nozzle diameter: 1.2mm

Maximum suction flow rate: 100 /min (ANR)

Air consumption: 63 /min (ANR)

Exhaust specifications: built-in silencer (standard), port exhaust

Vacuum pressure sensor options: digital vacuum pressure switch,
vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum adapter

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  • It is a high-efficiency vacuum generator, which operates at 150% efficiency (compared to about 40% for other units).
  • For each scfm of compressed air it consumes, the ZL generates an incredible 1.587 scfm of suction flow.
  • The ZL is available with a built-in vacuum switch with digital readout for design flexibility.
  • Other features include built-in suction filter, exhaust silencer, and one-touch tube fittings.
  • Its’ compact design allows for mounting from three sides.


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