RIH Pneumatic Regulator Filter (AW 2000-02) 1/4″ inch Single Bottle

Rs 1,900.00

Product: Regulator filter single bottle

Model: AW 2000-02

Brand: RIH

Port size: 1/4″ inch

Gauge port size: 1/8″ inch

Gauge included: yes

Fixing stand included: yes

Proof pressure: 1.5MPa(15.3kgf/cm2)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 1.0Mpa(10.2kgf/cm2)


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  • This combination Filter Regulator minimizes space and piping by integrating the 2 units into one.
  • Standard features include a relieving regulator, which can be quickly locked by pushing down on the adjustment knob.
  • There are many options, which include gauges, auto-drain, metal bowl and covers, different set pressures, etc.
  • The AW is part of the family of modular air preparation units and can be combined with other similar sized products.
  • Easy to maintain and operate, long service life.


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